I have worked with Sarah Huftalen for the past two years. When I first started working with Sarah, I had sprained my ankle when I fell from my horse. Sarah was able to guide me through the healing stages and helped me support my body to heal as quickly as possible. She used herbs to help with the initial inflammation and healing the ligaments and made oils to apply to support my ankle as I began to use it. Sarah is also certified in the Emotional freedom Technique (EFT). When I went to ride again, I had memories of the fall which made me nervous. Sarah and I did  an EFT session which helped me to ride more confidently. I now work with Sarah on a regular basis not only for illness, but to support my overall health. I would highly recommend Sarah’s expertise with herbs ,Iridology and EFT.

Ann from Syracuse, NY  


I have a history of chronic pain. I have seen many different healthcare professionals for many different reasons. After reflecting on many of these experiences, it’s made me aware that there are times when I’ve been a patient… and there are times, unknowingly at the time, when I’ve been a medical consumer. This is a crucial thing for a person to recognize. When I worked with Sarah Huftalen, for once, I felt neither.

   I am a endurance athlete. In preparation for running a 24hour endurance race last November, I needed to make some changes in my regimen. I ran the same race a year prior and wanted to perform better this time around. Much better. But, I was having health related “issues”. My nutrition schedule was nightmare. I didn’t have enough energy for long trainings. I was getting sick easily which disrupted exercise. All of which affected my mood and overall attitude towards my endeavor.

    When I first started working with Sarah Huftalen, not only did she help straighten out my nutrition, she ultimately taught me how to be aware of my body, pay attention to how it’s feeling, but more importantly….. why it’s feeling that way. I had never heard of ancient Chinese eye-reading but was open to giving it a try. Once she showed me a photo of my eye, I became intrigued. By looking at my over-all eye composition, the fibers, and any dis-coloration, she was able to help me identify some of the internal issues I was experiencing. She was then able to format an herbal supplement plan to help me feel better, I felt so good that I returned with my family.

     After working with Sarah for the last 6 months, we have all felt healthier. We have more energy. We don’t become ill as frequently. After introducing the Bach remedies, we have noticed positive change in mood and well-being. We have reached a paradigm-shift in that we now attack our own healthcare proactively.

      For me personally, by teaching me to identify my own health issues, troubleshoot them. and help relieve them, Sarah has given me an overwhelming sense of self-sufficiency that I’ve never had before. My workouts are more intense. I sleep better. I digest foods easier. My metabolism is awesome. Overall, I just feel better.

       Yes, Sarah is a healer. But she’s an educator as well. That education and support has helped empower me and my family, helping us to feel healthier and happier. For that we are so thankful to be working with her. 

  Jack Stevens


I wanted to help my body more naturally and knew Sarah could definitely help me with this. And she has, her knowledge and insight are incredible! I know our body is a whole, but from her perspective everything makes total sense, and how to help  certain areas helps the overall well being. Truly amazing,

Lesley Soper