Holidays: Reduce Food Anxiety

How to reduce food anxiety around the Holidays
A lot of people struggle with food anxiety over the holiday season. But you don’t have to let it ruin the joy of the season. Here are some tips to relax around food and enjoy the time with family and friends!

Tip # 1 Give Yourself Permission 
Yes!! Actually tell yourself it’s ok to enjoy the holiday cookies!!!! Why? Because if you really want it and forbid yourself from having it, you are going to end up craving it to the point that is all you think about.

 Tip # 2 Bring a Dish
This is helpful if your anxiety is because of a food sensitivity. A dish ensures you have something delicious to eat and can enjoy. This is also a great way to introduce people to new fabulous healthy recipes such as the amazing turkey roll with cranberry sauce( see recipe below)

Tip # 3 Exercise Rebound 
Here we are back to the mindset of restricting ourselves it’s been said that people that allow themselves to eat and enjoy why they want gain a average of 1 lb over the holiday season where as people who have their food rules and restrict end up gaining 5 lbs. This is because the normal eaters feel satisfied and they aren’t thinking about food. When you have food rules it tricks your body they ignore their hunger signals creating stress on their body  and anxiety around food.

Have a very happy healthy holiday and ENJOY every part of it!
Sarah Huftalen- Healthi Healing

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