Glow into the New Year

IMG_9769Get Glowing Skin For The New Year!
Have you ever purchased a ridiculously expensive skincare product only to feel like it did absolutely nothing!

Our skin which is our largest organ, and when we try  no matter what it takes to keep it beautiful we sometimes don’t think about what we put ON our body also goes IN our body.

So what makes beautiful glowing skin? It all starts from the inside, lets take a look at some tops foods to help you start your New Years glow!

1. Avocado
Rich in skin smoothing vitamins A,C, E and K. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and because it is a fat soluble vitamin, it offers protection against damage to the fat that lines our every cell. It does wonders for the inside of our body and the glow shows on the outside.

2. Bone Broth 
When your gut is inflamed, our digestion doesn’t work like it should. Your skin will be the first to show if digestive issues are present. Bone broth offers the protein and Amino acids to build tissue and repair the digestive tract, in return your skin shows the health.

3. Collagen
Main protein found in bone broth. Collagen is the latest craze, because the benefits it offers to beauty are amazing! Collagen supports skin, hair, nails, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. You can buy collagen powder to add to smoothies. When buying collagen its best to look for collagen that comes from organic Grass-fed cows.
CLICK HERE for a Chocolate Collagen Smoothie Recipe

4. Apple Cider Vinegar
This can be used a toner, dilute the ACV in water and we have a all natural toner that helps with bacteria on the skin.This is better for acne-prone skin than dry skin.The best form to look for is the raw apple cider vinegar.

Hope you enjoyed these quick tips to get your glow on! Want to learn more visit me on Facebook. And you can always reach out and set up consults to learn more about how to achieve your ultimate health, and for new upcoming New Year’s specials!!
Happy New Year!

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